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Babylon is a wonderful place to experience the Long Island lifestyle, boasting several attractions such as the town beaches, Robert Moses Beach and the Fire Island Lighthouse. Residents can also enjoy the beauty of Argyle Park and the convenience of Babylon Village, which is within walking distance. Babylon Village has a bustling nightlife with locally owned restaurants, shops and The Argyle Theater. Boating enthusiasts have direct access to the Great South Bay and foodies will delight in the areas great restaurants.

South of Sunrise Highway and North Babylon, the Babylon Village has West Babylon and Route 109 on one flank, Route 231 and West Islip on the other. To the south is the Great South Bay. Upon entering the walkable Babylon Village, visitors are welcomed by charming antique lamp posts, rustic barrel planters, and beautiful brick sidewalks. The village is decorated with lovely gardens and white picket fences along the Long Island railroad station parking lot and median strips. During summer and fall, a bustling farmer’s market adds to the vibrancy of this community. There is never a shortage of events and activities happening in Babylon Village.

The First Presbyterian Church is the oldest building in Babylon Village built in 1783. In front of the village hall is a bronze statue of Robert Moses, the master planner of New York State Parkways and parks, who was a resident. During the seasons the front of the village hall blooms with beautiful plants.

Overlook Beach

Babylon Ocean Beaches

The Town of Babylon is home to three ocean beaches: Cedar, Gilgo and Overlook. To access these beaches, you’ll need to cross the stunning Robert Moses Causeway, which offers a scenic drive with breathtaking views of the Great South Bay. Cedar and Gilgo beach are open to the public. Cedar Beach is particularly noteworthy for “The Salt Shack”, which hosts live music daily in the summer. Overlook Beach, on the other hand, is more secluded, serves up delicious fare and only accessible to residents of the town of Babylon. For more information visit https://www.townofbabylon.com/146/Parks-Recreation

Babylon Village: Restaurants and Shops

Babylon Village is home to the best spanish food at NoaMar Markets-A Taste of Spain. For the best sushi in town go to Kotobuki. Jack Jack’s is a popular coffee shop. Visitors delight in Kilwin’s where you can find freshly made ice cream. If you want a wine bar great options are Barrique as well as Molto Vino. Swell Taco is very popular too. For shopping visit Ooh la la Boutique or Pandemonium.

Argyle Theater

The Argyle Theatre in Babylon Village

Residents can embrace the theater lifestyle at the Argyle Theatre where Broadway comes to Babylon Village.
Become a season ticket holder and get access to all four shows at a phenomenal price with the best seats. All patrons enjoy a full live orchestra, balcony, state of the art lighting/sound and a full service bar.

Babylon Parks and Bike Trails

Because of it’s geography, Babylon lends itself to numerous scenic and beautiful parks. Explore Babylon’s beautiful terrain and relish in nature and the beauty it has to offer on Long Island’s South Shore.

Parks and Bike Trails

Perfect for outdoor gathering, picnics and leisurely walks, Belmont Lake Park offers so much for the active enthusiast. Paddle boats and kayaks are available for rent. Carll’s Creek stretches 4.2 miles south to the Great South Bay with a walking and biking trail. The Babylon Riding Center offers the only horseback riding available in town. Southards Pond and Argyle Lake Park are also part of the bike trail stretch as you ride south. Eventually you end up near Babylon Village.

Argyle Lake Park
Babylon Riding Stables
Belmont Lake State Park
Southards Pond

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