Celebrity Home on Long Island. Montauk, NY Robert DeNiro’s home

Real Estate can be inherited, even by celebrities as Robert DeNiro’s father left him a Montauk, NY home. Valued at 8 million dollars, even the rich get richer, when they invest in real estate. Of course, a Hollywood A lister and native New Yorker like DeNiro,  doesn’t just own one NY home. Since I sell real estate mainly on Long Island I will only write about his Long Island home-not his entire real estate portfolio.

The home left to him by his late father, the elder Robert DeNiro, who was a painter, happens to be a Montauk beach house-lucky him. His father would go to the Montauk Beach house to escape the hustle and bustle of New York city. As a native New Yorker myself I can relate. The Montauk beachfront home supposedly sits on 1.5 acres with a 2,278 square-foot house and about 740 square feet of decking. In 2017 DeNiro tried to demolish this home and build a new one, but his request was denied by the town of East Hampton.

Well, Montauk is one of the least developed parts of Long Island. This is an example of maybe why. If you ever need to sell that Montauk baby, Robert DeNiro, give me a call. 718-926-1650. But for trying to raze this home fuhgeddaboudit- from one native New Yorker to another.

– Yvonne Varas is a Real Estate agent on Long Island, NY
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