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Tips To Sell Your Home Fast

Preparing a House for Sale

Preparing your home for sale takes some planning. Painting your home a neutral color such as beige or white can give you more bang for your buck when you finally sell it. Neutral colors makes the space feel airy, bright and bigger. This will help attract more buyers. Hire a painter if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Buyers associate cleanliness with the quality of the home.  Cleaning and decluttering go hand and hand. Some points to focus on include clearing kitchen counter tops, decluttering closets/storage cabinets. You don’t want an overcrowded look and the goal is to create a clutter free space. Buyers are nosey and when they peek inside of closets/cabinets you want them to look spacious. The perception is that if you maintain a clean home, then you probably maintain the roof, electrical, etc as well.

One room to pay special attention to is the bathroom.  The bathtub area gets moldy easily, so I suggest you hire a professional to add fresh caulk around the tub. If you are handy you can do it yourself but it can look messy if you don’t know how to do it properly. Hire someone who can rip out the old caulk, get rid of the mold (not with bleach because that actually makes it worse- dawn or vinegar works well) and re-caulk the area again. This is important because you are enhancing the perceived condition of the home- that the home has been well maintained. What the buyer sees on the surface dictates their impression of what they can’t see. A little sweat equity goes a long way.

Another tip is to have the tiles floors steam cleaned so the grout in between the tile gets cleaned. When you live in a home you get used to seeing it that way and you don’t realize how dirty the grout is-but the buyer will.

Investing and planning prior to the listing will help you reap the rewards later as your home will sell quicker and perhaps even for a higher price.  Cleanliness should be the priority- and this means keeping it clean the whole time it’s on the market for every potential buyer. The faster you sell it, the less time you have to keep it “showing clean.”  An old clean house will still get offers so don’t underestimate cleaning.

With the low inventory on Long Island these days, demands for homes are extremely high. Just putting in a little effort today goes a long way tomorrow. You don’t need to make major home improvements. In this hot market an outdated home is alright because it will still sell if the price is right, but it is best to have a clean, painted, fresh decluttered home to attract buyers. The goal is to detract any negatives the home may have by highlighting the pluses.

Since active leaks are hard to miss, and if the buyer misses it the home inspector won’t-make it a priority to get rid of them. Fixing leaks require labor and not much else. So fix it now to avoid problems later.

If there is carpet in the home with hardwood floors underneath rip out the carpet. Today’s buyers are not fans of carpet. If the carpet is there to stay, consider shampooing it. If the carpet is in bad shape the seller may want to replace it if cheap enough, as this will take away a negative from the home. Buyers like move-in ready and will pay more for it.

Removing family photos is an example of depersonalizing a home. Getting a home ready for sale is often called staging the home. You want to make the home appealing to every buyer. Removing personal touches is one way to help you accomplish this. In the end you want to draw attention to the positives features of the home while eliminating negative perceptions to attract more buyers.

– Yvonne Varas is a Real Estate agent on Long Island, NY
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